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[17 Feb 2010|04:35pm]
Started working on my portfolio... finally
The design isn't done... and I'm not done putting in my work.
But the gist of it is there..

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Happy Valentine's Day!! [14 Feb 2010|11:17am]
OMG! I had the best Valentine's Day yesterday! Vince works today so we celebrated early. He planned the WHOLE thing. All I needed to do was shop for an outfit and get a haircut.

So I came home to get ready and he was cooking dinner. He made filet mignon with mashed potatoes and broccoli.. oh and chicken. After I got ready, he grabbed a couple of plates and told me to follow him. He took me to our back house which he totally fixed up! He had candles everywhere, roses, a big balloon that said Happy Valentine's Day, and a dinner table set up with my favorite bottle of wine. It was BEAUTIFUL. He opened up the french doors and we had a city view of Coronado. I don't spend too much time in the back house... especially at night, so I was completely speechless.

The food was amazing too, of course cause he's an incredible cook. I ate everything. Vince is truly the best. I love him so much!
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[29 Jan 2010|09:29am]
So now I'm in a JavaScript and PHP/MySQL class. For our first project, we had to do a converter... like entering a number for ft. and seeing how much it is in inches. Well I did grams, ounces, and pounds hahahaha. But I styled it and decorated it with cute monsters!


I like the monster that's peeping.
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[14 Jan 2010|09:54am]
I start my Bachelor's program today!! Woohoo!!!

I was gonna be late to work today, so I called in. It's pretty awesome when your reason for being late can be:

Me - Hey Peter, I'm running late

Peter - Ok what's up?

Me - I spilled bong water all over the place and had to clean it up, but I'm on my way now

Peter - Oh shit! Make sure you clean that up well. That shit will stink!
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[11 Jan 2010|09:36am]
Just made this on Saturday.


It's our homework site for class. I wanted to do something way cooler like vintage style cut-outs... but yeah i procrastinated and only had Saturday to start designing and finish coding. I'm still happy with it though. Oh and yeah obviously I need to get rid of the dummy text and come up with some of my own text. Idk what to write about myself though... =/
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[04 Jan 2010|11:27am]
my break is over =[

I had a final project due in my web class right before. we had to do a redesign of this bike site

Here's my redesign:

I want sleeeeeeeeep =[
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[12 Nov 2009|10:49am]
So my 3D animation class is almost over. The 3D modeling part is a lot of work! I modeled a robot and named him "Z"
He came out pretty cool. Here are a few pictures of my process...

Before his body was complete:

After texturing:

The final scene... he's about to battle my friend Jeanette's robot "X"
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[19 Oct 2009|09:43am]
Happy Anniversary, Vince.

2 years <3
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My final project [08 Oct 2009|10:48am]
cut and edited by me!

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[25 Sep 2009|09:58am]
I made my first film edit!! It's a little rough still. Final Cut Pro was messing up a little when I was doing some cuts so I couldn't get it as smooth as I wanted it. Also, the last half of my movie was corrupted and I didn't have time to rip it again so I just worked with the footage I had.

Donnie Darko Trailer
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update [18 Sep 2009|09:41am]
so i've started doing video editing in class. it's fun. I'm making a movie trailer for Donnie Darko... problem is, I only have monday to do it =X
I'll make the best of it though.

We found a house to live in!
It's not in OB though and I'm really REALLY sad about that.
But this place will let me have Zephyr - NO PET DEPOSIT
and the backyard is HUGE!
It's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and we got to paint it how we wanted it. Well.. so far we've only done 1 bedroom, living room, and dining room. the kitchen and the second dining room have been primered and should be painted today. then tomorrow, we're painting the bathroom and second bedroom. the 3rd bedroom is gonna be my office <3
Jeanette and I are starting our business as soon as we're all settled in.

Vince made me feel a little better by saying it's like we're going on vacation for a bit and we'll be back in OB soon. I can't wait haha. OB is my home <3
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Soooo how about [25 Aug 2009|09:34am]
I have 3 classes left for my first degree.

Fuck yeah.
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[20 Aug 2009|12:55pm]
woo i made a matching web banner!

IFF banner
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[19 Aug 2009|08:19am]
I made this last night for class


This isn't even a web class and we were only supposed to create a splash page made from slices in photoshop, but i want extra credit! i've gotten two B's on projects already and i want to make up for them.

I still have to create a magazine insert mailer and a web banner to match my site... but that shouldn't be too hard. the separations are due today and we present tomorrow. i hope it goes well.

oh yeah... i move in a month and a half!!! i'm so excited. i want to see where the next chapter of my life will begin. oh and hopefully our place will be bigger than our little beach spot.
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[05 Aug 2009|01:54pm]
OMGAHHH i'm going to Greece October 2010!!!!

I'm so excited!! Vince might be going with me too... also my friend Jeanette and her bf Tony. It's gonna be so awesome!!

We start with 3 nights in Rome. Last time I was in Rome, it was summer and hot as hell.. but being that this will be in October, it might be a little better.

If all goes as planned, I should be graduated with my second degree by then... it's gonna be the ultimate grad trip!! Not to mention birthday trip since i'll be turning 24 shortly after =]

24... geez. that means vince will be turning 34 that march. he wants kids by the time he's 35. crazy guy.
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[23 Jul 2009|11:51am]
a lot of people have been getting fired at work lately. we've been growing and we're hiring new graphics people like crazy! some just don't make the cut or something tho. so far, everyone i've interviewed is still on board =] so that's good

anyway, i enrolled for my bachelors degree program. bleh, more money, but at least i'll be done with two degrees under my belt.. hopeully.

so i totally thought i was scheduled to graduate in january... but it turns out my last class STARTS in january... so graduation will be in march. Waaaaah. two more months isn't too bad i guess.
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[20 Jul 2009|09:52am]
Aww I got to see Jewel perform at Humphrey's last night. I took my little sister cause she LOVES her. Jewel was amazing. She even came out and yodeled for the encore!
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Update... [09 Jul 2009|04:53pm]
4th of July was fun. I spent it with Jeanette and her family at Mission Bay.
I played soooo much volleyball and discovered that I'm still pretty good at it haha

Vince came during the Sea World fireworks and then after that we rode home on bikes. I was riding a beach cruiser and had to go over the bridge. OMG... one gear bikes were not friends that night. I did it though! Vince was on his mountain bike and I was right behind him. I was so sore the next day but I did another bike ride with more uphills. Felt great.

So this Sunday is Rachel's birthday dinner. I can't wait! I bought a really cute dress and even though it makes me look really little, I still love the shit out of it. Hopefully I can get a haircut today. I'm getting it dyed tonight. I also have to schedule an appointment with Tiffany... I wanna try her facials <3
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Two more templates! [26 Jun 2009|09:49am]
They're starting to look more professional. I've been designing a lot of clean designs lately and adding some depth to them. Remember these are for car dealerships so I couldn't get all graphical with them. I was quite happy with how they turned out tho =]

Clean look with dark/light contrast

My personal favorite... with no logo haha
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[25 Jun 2009|09:50am]
so last night we discovered some old, stinky chicken pasta in the fridge. i was washing dishes and vince was throwing it away. it smelled so bad!! after we cleaned, we noticed it still kinda smelled like it... i realized i stepped on a piece of gross chicken and my shoe reeked of it. This morning i was running late for work... like always... and i forgot about my stinky shoe. it smelled up my whole car on my way to work and now it's smelling up the office!

anyway, so i went to laughlin this weekend. i got to hang out with blackstock cause he lives there! i hadn't seen him in soooo long - like since he was staying at my cousin's house in the valley. it was so much fun. hopefully stuart and i can go visit him soon.

Speaking of, Stuart's down! we're supposed to hang out this weekend. I hope we can head down to IB to visit Albert. I have to give him my old phone cause he doesn't have one at the moment. Maybe throw him some nugs, idk.

Albert's gonna be moving back to Ohio, i think =[


anyway, Vince and I move in a little over 2 months!
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